ACTION: Public Lands Carbon Farming

Tipping the Scales & Game Changer Strategy

  1. All open space/ land have optimized CO2 sequestration

  2. Integrate the existing data to be able to use policy case

  3. Identify projects: EBMUD, Contra Costa County, Alameda, SF city, SF Presidio, City of Fremont, Marin, Parks, GGNRA, Point Reyes, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)



  • 100 - 10,000 acres of land are transitioned to carbon framing

  • CO2  to be sequestered in acres to be determined in next years

  • Model policy structure, workforce, and marketplace

  • Important/ Impactful Activity

  • Captures atmospheric carbon (50 metric tons per acre) using natural systems

  • Restoring healthy soils, assuring air and water quality


How to Achieve the Goal

  • Build on best practices and expand the adoption to all publicly owned land agencies

  • Create Carbon Farming policy for adoption by agencies

  • Connect carbon farming to current restoration and land management practices



6 months
  • Identify State funding

  • Identify specific demonstration sites to monitor

  • Gather tools

  • Build partnerships with key agencies

1 year
  • Conference in 1 year hosted by City of Fremont – FACT sheet and list of metrics

  • Develop Carbon Farming Policy

2 year
  • Establish and monitor sites

  • Complete CO2 farming/garden planning process and resource Con materials facts (?)

  • Completed in 5 years

  • Expand to provide technical assistance to urban areas – every county in Bay Area