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Initiatives & Focus for 2022


Establishing universal climate communication messages is critical to building political and social support for climate action. 

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Climate Communications

In March 2021, RAPID held a Climate Communications Hackathon to explore how to develop a universal messaging platform for climate action. 

The Climate Communications Hackathon unpacked the audiences we need to reach, determined who is the priority to make action happen now, and how to best inspire engagement.

We surgically dissected common "stuck points" and develop a communication strategy to empower, influence, and build advocacy with decision-makers, community members, and others.

We received a grant from the Climate Emergency Fund in late 2021 to fund the initial work. The pilot will launch in January-February 2022. 

Check out the storymap about the meeting learn more.

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Attend or Host a RAPID Forum

What is a RAPID Forum and why is it different?

A RAPID Forum is a daylong event for professionals in a range of industries to come together to identify real, implementable solutions that directly impact the climate crisis - within five years.


Forums are designed to catalyze interdisciplinarily, focused thinking, shifting from siloed and slow solutions we are currently using today, to fast, impactful action. 

Forums focus on climate change strategies and are tailored to the participants' location and specific circumstances

Local partners work with us to create the invitation list, plan the day and desired outcomes, co-facilitate at key points, and help coordinate implementation.

Forum Format

The Forum does not have any speakers or powerpoints! It is interactive and engaging at each step.


The first half of a RAPID forum focuses on ideation and what it means to be in a climate emergency and the questions we need to ask before we start creating solutions. 


The second half of the Forum engages all participants in establishing multi-benefit, implementable strategies within a specific five-year framework.


The day will wrap up with the identification of the most impactful and promising strategies to refine and implement within five years.

What comes after?

While we call it the Forum, it is much more impactful than a single day. The major benefit of our approach is the laser focus on what happens after the event. We will help to cement the teams to work on the actions developed at the Forum and help to develop a 90-day sprint action plan. 


Upcoming RAPID Forums

Due to COVID-19 all in person events have been post-poned until a later date. Virtual meetings may occur.